Your Marriage Savior by Michael Cross Review

Do you need to save your marriage?

Are you headed toward divorce? Do you want to stop the arguments, the fights, and all the drama that started creeping into your love life?

I feel for you, because honestly, I’ve been in your shoes.

I was literally days away from divorce court. My love life with my wife was falling apart and she was ready to leave. I felt so hopeless like there was NOTHING I would be able to do to change the situation.

I started to look for answers online and I came across a website that helped give me the answers I was looking for and it changed my life. I had never really looked for answers like this and so it was all very new to me. The system promised a magical step by step, proven system that could save my marriage.

But it didn’t stop there.

The system even guaranteed to put more love, passion, and excitement back in my life than ever before. This wasn’t marriage counseling. In fact, this was nearly the opposite. Marriage councilors focus on talking, and I had already tried that. It didn’t work. This gave me the keys to what actually WORKS.

I was slightly apprehensive at first, because I hardly ever buy anything online, especially something like this. But I said to myself, I have to do something. The cost of this was going to be way less than the pain, suffering, divorce court. AND if it didn’t work for any reason, I could just return it and get ALL my money back.

The choice was obvious, I had nothing to lose.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a change this system made in my life. I was seeing everything from a completely new perspective, and day by day, my wife and I grew closer once more. I couldn’t believe what had happened–my marriage went from being on the rocks to set on high sails, and we had fallen in love all over again.

And now I’m here writing this because I want to share it with others. This is a proven system that works, and you have to check out the details for yourself.

It helped me save my marriage, and now it can help you.

Click Here to check it out now!

John Saratau

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7 Ways To Make Your Marriage Last

Building a lasting relationship is hard work.  Too often relationships fall into an apathetic  path where everything just becomes routine and becomes aggravating.

Here are 10 ways to make sure the relationship lasts:

1. Stop looking at the negative qualities, and focus on the positive ones. 

No one is perfect.  It’s easy to let things get under your skin until you forgot the reasons why you loved her.  Changing your mind can change the relationship.

2. Give her compliments on a regular basis.

This is one of the easiest things to do, but is often forgotten. It’s amazing what just a few words a day can do.

3. Call her pet names.

Believe me, this works. Making a ‘special’ name for her can work wonders in a woman’s mind (as long as it’s “hers”)

4. Don’t go to bed angry.

It’s really important to solve problems as quickly as possible. Women are emotional beings and continue to carry “emotional weight” from arguments for a long time even after the argument is logically over.  Get her back in the right emotional state before going to bed and it should drastically help.

5. Talk about sex, and WORK on it together.

Make sure she can be open with you about sex.  It’s actually very easy to become extremely open if you break the ice.  She may be hesitant at first, but you will apprecciate it in the long run.  It can be very easy to just get into a routine that gets boring–so make sure you educate yourself, keep things interesting.  This will keep her emotions up.

6. Do things couples do (dates).

Break up your routine and go back on a real date like you used to. If you have kids, this can be your chance to “get away.” Make her remember what it felt like to be romanced.

7. Be interested, and be interesting, and develop YOURSELF.

Make sure that you have a hobby and she does to.  You’ll have more personal enjoyment, more to talk about, and more positivity.  You are both separate people.

Have more ideas? Leave them in the comments below.

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How To Solve Her Top 5 Arguments

Getting into fights is inevitble, but like I’ve written elsewhere on this blog, finding the right WORDs to use is the most important thing.

It’s not enough to just “communicate” but to actually think about the language that you use.

Luckily for us, one of my favorite conselor bloggers put up an article about this called “The Five Arguments You’ll Repeatedly Wage With Your Spouse” and how to actually resolve these arguments.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I’m right, you’re right.  How is that possible? – When an argument goes unresolved.
  • I’m hurt – Your spouse did something to hurt you.
  • You’re hurt – You’ve done something to hurt your spouse
  • I’m grumpy – Someone isn’t themselves brings both people down.
  • I’m scared – When someone doesn’t feel secure.

Check out the full article here.

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Saving The Marriage, One Step At A Time

Sometimes it seems like at the beginning of a marriage, everything seems perfect… and that’s very imaginable, seeing how right after the ceremony (which a basically a huge expensive party–exclusively for you) 2 people go on a once in a lifetime vacation and then come home to unwrap a bunch of gifts. It’s like your birthday, a vacation, and christmas all jam packed into a couple of weeks. The feeling is overwhelming.

But after time things start to slow down, the passion of the beginning begins to wean off and the reality of the details of living with someone… day in and day out… start to multiply.

The enchanting love that first flowed through the relationship begins to dry up a bit. And that leads to other things too… like less fun talking, more fights and…. less sex.

So what happens? You can try and talk it out. Probably have already done that. And at the beginning, talking probably worked alright. Fights would only last so long. But then fights started to last a little longer and got more serious.

Fights turned into weeks at a time, often with one or the other actually leaving the house for a day or more. Maybe at a friends house, maybe to a hotel.

Eventually it starts to get pretty bad, where it’s basically on the rocks. At this point, many people freak out and start to look for alternatives. Sometimes these lead them down a path that’s pretty destructive,… like copious amounts of alcohol. While it temporarily solves problems (in your head)…. the reality is the problem still persists.

Others try more positive routes like marriage counseling, but that costs a fortune. And on top of that, marriage counseling rarely seems to actually WORK and many times, couples throw thousands down the drain after their marriage counseling actually ends in divorce anyways.

So what do you do? The biggest hinderance to all problems lies in the fact that things that 99% of guys try to do to resolve relationships, actually make them worse. That’s right. After their wife nags and nags, finally, guys give up and try to talk it out. Which often results in the wife bringing up issues from a long time ago, irrelevant arguments, etc and it doesn’t work.

You see, talking kills attraction. And you want your wife to be attracted to you. That is the only way you’ll get her back to loving you, and back in the bedroom, which is really the spice that holds it all together. And when you understand how to make her fall back in love with you, then you’ll know it made all the difference.

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How Save Your Marriage Tactics Work

Save you marriage tactics can work in a variety of ways and many guys try so many things to get their love back. I know, because I’ve been there and felt the almost-hopelessness that women so close to us in our lives can create. I mean, when you know someone that well and they seem like they start to change, it can be devastating. You seem like you’ve always been the same person, and always will be, but they start to change. What’s the deal?

Many guys try tactics that they think will work, but usually don’t. Trying to talk out their problems. Trying to solve the problems by just letting your wife win… the list could go on and on. But even though your wife does want to ‘win’, what she really wants is for the MAN to provide her with security and really LEAD HER. She wants you to really be the one that takes her, comforts her, makes her secure, and leads her. If you’ve slipped out of that roll, she’s probably slipping from you and you can see that in everything she does.

The real question is, how to get that back?

Sometimes that’s easy to do, and sometimes it can take some time. It depends on how far from the path you’ve deviated. What I would suggest is to take a good look at you situation. How long ago did you start losing the role of the man in the relationship? This isn’t a ‘who’s more important’ argument, this is a role argument. Now, see what you can do to modify your behavior a bit. You may have to do it soft and gentle (getting back into the role) at first, but accelerate with each day and see what comes of it. Honestly, because this could mean so much more.

Good luck!

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Saving A Marriage

Saving a marriage can be one of the hardest things to do, but I’ll give you some quick tips that will get you on your way.

First, you need to take a step back and see what’s really going on in the relationship. Take time to let you emotions calm and try to be very honest with yourself. A lot of times, thinking can cloud your judgement and will make you do irrational things that don’t make sense.

Second, take all the advice that your friends gave you, and then throw it away. At least take it with a huge grain of salt. Most advice is given to you based on what your friends think you will want to hear and not actually truthful advice. Plus, what do your friends know about saving marriages anyway? Have they ever had to save theirs? Then how would they know what works and what doesn’t? At most, their advice is just a guess or a stab in the dark to try and make you feel better. You need advice from an expert that has helped thousands of marriages get back together with a proven system that works, like Michael Cross’ You Marriage Savior Program.

Third, You really need to take action. Once you’ve decided on a plan, it’s time to put that into place. Your marriage won’t just magically get back together on it’s own. It’s going to take time and it might be hard. But it’s surely not impossible, I can promise you that. It’s really about what you can convince yourself of. If you think it’s not going to work, that will put you on a path where you neglect anything that might make it work…. and in the end, you’re right. But if you can convince yourself it will work, then you will start traveling along the path of it working. Maybe you’ll make some mistakes, but you’re on the right path.

Keep going, Keep believing, and you will achieve what you set out to.

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Help to Save Marriage

Finding help to save a marriage is one of the best things you can do. Just like everything else, if you have a problem, there is no point in just trying to figure it out yourself. There have been thousands of people that went through the same thing you did, why should you have to figure it out on your own?

Since this is such a sensitive subject, many struggling husbands will turn to the internet for advice. With a barrage of options out there, it may be hard to make a decision on where to actually go. There are probably lots of marriage counselors available (that cost a fortune), there are friends that give bad advice, and books you can buy, and internet products. Take a good hearty look at what is available and you can decide for yourself what can provide the most value to you.

Since were in the day and age of the internet, I think that internet products are the best way to go. They usually deliver the most value for your money and generally have an awesome return policy or some sort of money back guarantee (which you wont find with anything thing else, especially counseling).

Take a look through a few…. try some internet searches like “your marriage savior” and see the reviews. They are probably mostly positive, since the system actually works. But honestly you have to make a decision for yourself. Ask yourself, “Would this money be worth saving my marriage?”… More than likely it’s at least worth a shot since divorces can be so expensive…. let alone all the emotional struggle of finding a new wife, dealing with possessions, money, maybe kids…. etc.

Anyways, I hope that you consider your options when trying to save your marriage, but the most important thing is that you do SOMETHING. Take action one way or another. It won’t resolve it’self magically on its own, you’re going to need a proven system to get it back to functioning.

Good luck to you!

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